O2 UK- Big Bundle 2 Recharge


What This Recharge Gets You: 

- 8GB of 4G Data (To use in 48 European Destinations)
- Unlimited calls (UK + EU numbers only)
- Unlimited Texts (UK + EU numbers only)

For Your Reference:

Why Purchase From Euro Sims?

You will not be able to purchase a recharge voucher directly from O2 as they only accept UK based Credit and Debit Cards

Very Important: You can only purchase this Bundle if its specifically related to the original Sim Card you purchased. For Eg: If you have originally purchased a "Big Bundle 2 Sim" this top up activation will work specifically for your Sim.

Important: Please allow up to 12 hours from the time of purchase for O2 to apply the Bundle to your Sim Card.

Recommended: We recommend purchasing this top up bundle 1 day before you need the Bundle to come into effect.