About Euro Sims

Why We Do What We Do 

So you might be asking - Why Euro SIMS?

Why focus on sourcing and supplying Travel SIMs cards to travelers going to a single continent? 

The answer is simple, we've been there and done that and we know how stressful travel can be, the last thing you want when venturing in Europe is to be disconnected and stranded with no means of communication or data to snapchat your trip. Especially those dreaded moments were you would constantly ask: "what's the wi-fi password?"

Our own staff at Euro Sims have had their fair share of horror stories when they ventured into Europe. Problems ranging from very expensive roaming bills, to faulty roaming connections from their local carriers - trust us when we say this, having to "Wi-Fi" hop or not have any mobile data to use wrecks the freedom your meant to enjoy exploring Europe.

This is where Euro Sims saves the day. We streamline the process of organising your European Travel Sim card by having our Euro Sims delivered straight to your doorstep no matter where your are in the world. 

We're taking initiative on sourcing the best Travel Sim options throughout Europe. From carriers in Germany to carriers in the UK, we understand the modern day demand for data (we can thank you for those foodie snaps you've been taking)  and that's why its crucial for us to source Travel Sim plans with generous data offerings, loads of included calls & texts, and the ability to travel seamlessly through every European destination without service outages.


So don't be stuck in the dark on your next trip.








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