Step 1: Order Your Europe Travel Sim From Us.

Whether you just need a little bit of data to stay in touch with family and friends, or you need so much data because you need Google Maps and can't get off Tik Tok and Insta.

Euro Sims has a range of Travel Sims designed for every type of Traveller.

Order the Europe Travel Sim you need, we'll handle the rest.

Step 2: Receive Your Euro Sims From Aus Post.

"Ding Ding"... You got a package from Aus Post! Open it up, it should be your Euro Sims and a handy Sim Card ejector pin.

Your flights to Europe are already booked, and now your holding your Europe Travel Sim in your hand. Put it aside and save it for the day of your flight, we recommend leaving your Euro Sim right next to your Passport so you'll never forget it.

Step 3: Land In Europe Like A Boss.

Congratulations... You've survived 2 transfer flights and an 18 hour long travel journey just to get to UK or Europe. You must be tired and drained, the last thing on your mind should be your Mobile Phone.

As soon as you land, take out your Euro Sims, and that handy little Sim Ejector tool. Pop out your Aussie Sim Card and plug in the Euro Sims we sent you, turn on Data Roaming on your phone.

By the time you leave the Plane, your Euro Sims should be up and running with 4G Data. No stress.

Start your Europe trip off right with 2 people smiling. You and your Wallet.

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